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  • n. A winged figure of a child representing love and/or its power
  • n. Physical love; sexual desire
  • n. a type of love that seeks fulfillment without violation or something else
  • n. libido
  • n. collective instincts for self-preservation; life drive


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Ancient Greek ἔρως (erōs, "love, desire").


  • The Greek word eros literally means “that which brings together.”

    World Wide Mind

  • ‡ The word erotic comes from the Greek word eros, which is the term for sexual love itself, as well as the god’s name.


  • By eros I mean of course that state which we call "being in love"; or, if you prefer, that kind of love which lovers are "in"...

    Judith Acosta: The Necessary Death of Romance

  • We had moved past what the Ancient Greeks called eros (physical love) and philios (friendship love), and had made our way to agape (unconditional love).

    Dr. Terri Kennedy: Looking for Love...

  • They are in search of romantic and passionate love, eros, which is something that God wishes for all of us.


  • Although Ryle professes great interest in Plato's understanding of the soul, he pays no attention to eros, which is undeniably for Plato one of the most important constituents of the soul.


  • Explaining the difference between agape, phileo and eros -- the New Testament Greek words for love -- Kendrick said true love often is confused with eros, which is a sexual, romantic type of love.


  • Philosophers have written of three types of love called eros, agape and philia. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

  • This concept of Umtrieb is worth reflecting on, since it refers not to any specific drive such as eros or thanatos, to take Žižek's narrower gloss on the expansive and contractive forces, but to the very structure of drive as a

    'The Abyss of the Past': Psychoanalysis in Schelling's Ages of the World (1815)

  • Love is not lust, I concede that point to you readily although we could go Greek and say that there is eros which is love and there is agape which is love, but love is an emotion.

    Love & Suffering | Mind on Fire


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