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  • n. Fear of sex; negative attitudes towards sex


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  • It is can we as people of faith hear the voices of the women whose lives and dreams are irreparably changed and damaged by the erotophobia in our culture?

    What's the Connection?: Religious Progressives and Sexual Justice Issues

  • Paul intensified Christian erotophobia even further when he stated in

    Christianity's Persecution of Gays: Historical Bigotry

  • And when we look at Islamic religious mythology, we find an attenuation of Judaeo-Christian erotophobia.

    Christianity's Persecution of Gays: Historical Bigotry

  • It is instructive, while examining the connection between the religious mythology of a culture and its sexual mores, to look at an offshoot of the Judaeo-Christian tradition where the erotophobia has been attenuated.

    Christianity's Persecution of Gays: Historical Bigotry

  • What's happened is that because of people's own fears of talking about sexuality, that erotophobia gets carried forward.

    Philocrites: UU 'Da Vinci' watch: Dogma bites soundbite.

  • "We used a sexual opinion survey to measure erotophobia and erotophilia," said Fisher.

    ABC News: Top Stories

  • It was found that one's level of erotophobia influences their likelihood of engaging in sexual health care, like breast self-exams (BSE).

  • As far as I can see, many Black wimmin, the descendants of these violated and disrespected slave wimmin are writhing in the grip of some serious erotophobia (scared of tha nasty).


  • Satan Satanophobia scabies scabiophobia school (of going to) didaskaleinophobia scientific terms (complex) or Greek terms Hellenologophobia scratched (being) amychophobia sea thalassophobia semen spermatophobia sermons homilophobia sex (opposite) sexophobia sexual abuse agraphobia sexual feelings erotophobia sexual intercourse coitophobia sexual perversion paraphobia shadows sciophobia shellfish ostraconophobia shock hormephobia sin hamartophobia single (staying) anuptaphobia sitting down thaasophobia sitting still cathisophobia skin lesions dermatophobia skin disease dermatosiophobia

    pangsuan Diary Entry

  • Wilhelm Reich and promoting a critique of both capitalist and communist erotophobia using the theatrical antics of Tuli Kupferberg juxtaposed with a series of interconnecting, vaguely anagogical, fictional plots, "writes

    GreenCine Daily


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  • JM doesn't wish to be rude but erotophobia is really screwed.

    April 24, 2010