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  • n. fleshy growth from an anglerfish's head that acts as a lure


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From Latin ēsca.


  • That's at the very end of his life on his what they call esca -- escapebo, which is a little private area of their house that Molly had built, that they could go out on and escape the crowds that would come -- that would go by the street and try to gawk.

    Norman Rockwell: A Life

  • Only gradually was he able to resume his career, and find solace and esca pe in literature.

    A Phony Who Reformed

  • Quando mi vene inanzi il tempo e 'l locoov' i' perdei me stesso, e 'l caro nodoond' Amor di sua man m'avinse in modoche l'amar mi fe' dolce e 'l piange gioco,solfo et esca son tutto, et il cor un foco . . .

    Love in literature

  • And she also knew that this planet had definitely not esca ped the Khleevi.


  • Perhaps her movements and those of the Khleevi would be enough to free her little vessel and allow her to esca pe after all.


  • Sunt aut illi quadrigemina cornicula quorum ostentatione, ueluti esca illiciens sollicitat et animalia perimit.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • Cerastes serpens dictus, eo quod in capite cornua habeat similia arietum; KERATA enim Graeci cornua vocant: sunt autem illi quadrigemina cornicula, quorum ostentatione, veluti esca, inlice sollicitata animalia perimit.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • General says U.S. death toll will increase as esca...


  • And leaving this cold land that had said its last words to Fran; esca Walcott.

    There Is A Season

  • Et tu cape tibi ex omni esca quae comeditur, et congregabis tibi, eritque tibi et illis ad vescendum.

    Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1


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  • The luminescent organ of the anglerfishes.

    July 15, 2010