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  • adj. Able to be escaped or run from
  • adj. Not needed or necessary

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  • adj. Avoidable.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Capable of being escaped; avoidable.


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escape +‎ -able


  • What is equally important is that this leaves the in escapable conclusion that Russia does not regard her occupation of the Eastern half of Germany as a temporary measure and that every act of terror and suppression regularly employed by the N.K.V.D. will be used to make eastern Germany another Soviet State.

    The Prime Minister Reports

  • To truly appreciate this, you have to realize that the Miley Cyrus half of this song was un-f*cking-escapable this past fall if you were under 25.

    Matthew Yglesias » Awesome Mashup

  • "When a commission is responsible for the performance of an industry," he famously wrote in "The Economics of Regulation" (1970), "it is under never completely escapable pressure to protect the health of the companies it regulates, to assure a desirable performance by relying on those monopolistic chosen instruments and its own controls, rather than on the unplanned and unplannable forces of competition."

    The Railroad Precedent and the Web

  • In fact, so much ignorance and misinformation is inherent in the information overload that the irony is in escapable.

    Lisa Solod Warren: WHY Are We in Afghanistan? And Other Pressing Questions of Our Time

  • And about audience - first Tekken came out in 1994. and third (the most popular) in 1997 (arcade) and 1998 (console), and most fans played them while they were hot … Modern Tekkens are worse than T3 because of over-dependency on juggle-combos, lack of balance and too easily escapable throws, rendering them almost useless.

    Luke Goss Says Tekken Movie Will End Up Rated R «

  • Rather like Wordsworthian spots of time, Scott's narratives "offer glimpses of history" (93), which turn "history" into something escapable--yet they also represent historical existence as "immersion" (98), from which neither character nor reader can necessarily escape at all.

    The Historical Novel in Europe, 1650-1950

  • In this way, American drift farther and farther away from the world they live in and its complexities, content to imagine themselves as self-sufficient individualists amid voluntary social and political arrangements alterable -- and escapable -- at will.

    James Block: Play It Again, Barack

  • Revision in the wikis is an escapable attribute that eliminates the fixedness of fact.

    Lawrence Lessig: The Solipsist and the Internet (a Review of Helprin's Digital Barbarism)

  • Neither are escapable but from my VERY CLOSE OBSERVATIONS I would suggest that the the first is a thousand times better life than the latter.

    The Stranger

  • You make my point for me: It is irrational, to say the least, to attack someone simply for stating an obvious inference that is escapable from the facts.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » “Paranoid Conservatives”:


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