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  • v. Present participle of escape.


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  • A hooded informant who succeeded in escaping from the estate (in the background) takes the Brazilian Federal Police to a site where workers are kept imprisoned.

    Global Voices in English » Brazil: Fighting contemporary slavery

  • He reminded me of a movie star Bernie didnt like, the name escaping me at the moment, but that wasnt the important thing.

    Dog on It

  • Lovelace, who had succeeded in escaping from the Belmanoir claws, hurried in search of Lavinia.

    The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIII Century

  • "Then allow me to cut off the tip of your nose," was the reply, and now Theresa succeeded in escaping from the arms that held her.

    Folk Tales From Many Lands

  • [301 Errors of their Commanders.] only slightly hurt succeeded in escaping from the heaps of dead, wounded, and dying that were hurled over them.

    A Lady's Glimpse of the Late War in Bohemia

  • To add to all my perplexities, two years after my poor child's death, my wife, whose vagaries of temper and wayward follies I had borne with for twelve years, wanted to leave me, and absolutely made attempts at what she called escaping from my tyranny.

    Barry Lyndon

  • I knew this kind of tunnel from a drug-smuggling case we’d worked once in a border town, the name escaping me and no time to remember it now.

    To Fetch a Thief

  • Still, he moved in a way that was kind of familiar, stiff and long-legged, like one of those birds that can’t fly, their name escaping me at the moment.

    To Fetch a Thief

  • When the crowds witnessed Houdini's escapes from handcuffs, chains, ropes, and straitjackets, or attended later performances when he perfected new feats like escaping from the Chinese Water Torture Cell or surviving a Buried Alive stunt, the people remembered Houdini and loved the new puzzles with which he presented them.

    Kate Kelly: Houdini's Own Mysteries Revealed: Traveling Museum Exhibit Now in NYC

  • The information obtained by WMR corroborates that from former CIA agent Robert Baer who revealed that Al Qaeda's chief of terrorist operations, Khalid Shaikh Mohamed (KSM), received help from Qatari royals in escaping from Qatar in 1997.

    Spook spotlight (Jack Bog's Blog)


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