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  • n. The condition of being eternal; endlessness
  • n. All of time; eternity

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  • n. The condition or quality of being eternal; eternalness.


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  • The importance of Augustine and Boethius for developing the idea of eternality has already been noted.


  • If it had been accepted it would have simply meant that the counsel was in error as to the eternality of the Son.

    Blind Faith?

  • On top of this we are told that we will always remain few in number Deuteronomy 4:27, which is certainly a hindrance to eternality.

    Rabbi Adam Jacobs: Understanding Prophecy: Moses Vs. Nostradamus

  • Modern religions might have adopted the idea of the soul that lives on, but the eternality of the soul has been celebrated throughout human history.

    Dr. Judith Rich: Cycles and Seasons of a Soulful Life

  • Death is not feared on Pandora, but seen as one step in the eternality of life ... echoes of Buddhist and Christian principle on planet earth that living well includes dying well.

    The Avatar in Us All

  • Jesus is neither quoting nor alluding to the Psalm, and if eternality is in view at Ps 90:2 then this emerges, not from the present tense verb alone, but from the modifying phrase “from everlasting to everlasting”.

    HANDS Across the Godhead?

  • Moreover, while it's true that God is eternal, it is not certain that Ps 90:2 is speaking of His eternality in both directions.

    HANDS Across the Godhead?

  • Marriage as something with sacred eternality -- Grow up, will ya?

    About SEX, it's about time we grew up.

  • A "poem," he says in explication of the theme of eternality expressed above, "is the creation of actions according to the unchangeable forms of human nature, as existing in the mind of the creator, which is itself the image of all other minds" (485).

    Shelley's Golden Wind: Zen Harmonics in _A Defence of Poetry_ and 'Ode to the WestWind'

  • I would contend that immutability and eternality are attributes that cannot be communicated to finite, contingent beings ie creatures.

    Behe challenges Miller


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