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  • n. The character of being unipolar.


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  • With Iranians we have common interests, because I consider that to stop American unipolarity is the most important thing, the absolute thing.

    dugin talks to the LA times!

  • "If America does not wish to end her days in the same nursing home as Britannia, she had best can this Beltway geo-babble about 'unipolarity' and 'our responsibility to lead '."

    The Lonely Superpower

  • America's demographic "unipolarity" has profound security implications as well.


  • The "unipolarity" identified by commentators following the Soviet collapse cannot last much longer, for the simple reason that history hates a hyperpower.


  • But the main theme that emerges is a tilt against US unilateralism, or "unipolarity".

    Pushing their luck

  • At the height of US "unipolarity" in 2002, a dozen tribal chieftains, militant mullahs, Pakistani intel officers, or narco-traffickers still possessed the same capability as the US government to project power (eg, fifteen armed men or $20,000) into a given Afghan village.

    Spero News

  • US 'military might' has been harnessed for great economic bonanza that would go to force-multiply US prosperity, besides using 'unipolarity' as a means to consolidate its neo-imperialistic hold over the world.

    Veterans Today - News for U.S. Military Veterans Jobs, VA Benefits, Home Loans, Hospitals & Administration

  • Maybe the idea is that unipolarity exists when there is a power that has more power than any other single state, and whose power exceeds the power of every other state by some substantial factor.

    Matthew Yglesias » Are We Doomed?

  • In retrospect, therefore, 9/11 may well take its place in the history books alongside the 1950 Communist invasion of South Korea, as a catalyst that intensified and militarized a new phase of international politics—this one characterized by American unipolarity.

    How Wars end

  • As the world's leading power, the United States must also acknowledge the changes and recognize that it no longer calls all the shots — but that it can help us move beyond unipolarity and cold-war instincts.

    Forging a New Partnership


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