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  • n. The name of a people or ethnic group.

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  • n. The name of an ethnic group.


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From ethn- + -onym.


  • The same way and time, the proper greek ethnonym Hellen pl.

    Luskin, laws, and lies - The Panda's Thumb

  • Second, unbeknownst to him, several items he depends on from other academics to be facts are sadly outright fabrications: 1. There is no *safin- in Etruscan, a word conjectured from an Italic ethnonym.

    Archive 2009-12-01

  • This ethnonym dismays a lot of people though and it probably has to do with the mistaken belief that its meaning is somehow in itself insulting.

    A note about 'Inuit' and 'Eskimo'

  • The term “Latino” was officially adopted in 1997 by the United States Government in the ethnonym “Hispanic or Latino”, which replaced the single term “Hispanic”: “Because regional usage of the terms differs — Hispanic is commonly used in the eastern portion of the United States, whereas Latino is commonly used in the western portion.”

    Jessica Alba Glamour Magazine July 2007

  • The word ultimately comes from the native ethnonym "Shuar", but seems to have spread through Latin America with a pejorative meaning of "savage" or "uncivilised". EL INDIO.

  • As an ethnonym, Chaoxian zu 朝鮮族 is the official name of the Korean minority. RENAMING THE HAN.

  • South Koreans have elevated their ethnonym Han not to be confused with the Han meaning Chinese and named their peninsular country Hanguk ‘Han country’.

    Koreans of Central Asia « Far Outliers

  • My point being that we are sinners all, in these matters, and it ill behooves anyone who isn't positive that they know every proper ethnonym in existence (and thus is almost certainly referring to some group or other "wrongly") to sneer at those who use a term they happen to know is disfavored.

  • And in the authentic ethnonym sweepstakes, I probably know more minimal pairs than any but a few specialists, thanks to my interest in languages and ethnicity; if you want to throw down, I'll see your Gypsy/Roma and raise you a Gallo/Oromo, and I'll trump your Finn/Saami with an

  • The ethnonym Bashkirs first became known in the 9th century.

    Russia Blog


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  • ethnonym – an ethnic group, or a group of people who identify with each other as a distinct people

    July 19, 2008