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  • We invited the public to be part of the longest music video ever by taking a photo of themselves in a dancing baby T-shirt and uploading it to Evian's website

    Naomi Troni: The Social Currency Mint

  • I was working in geneva and used to buy a 2l bottle of evian each morning on my way to work.

    Bottled Water Is Still A Scam - Anil Dash

  • After a couple of months it dawned on me I could actually see the evian mountains from my desk and all i had to do was turn on a tap to get the exact same water for free!

    Bottled Water Is Still A Scam - Anil Dash

  • I am ashamed to admit how naîve I was (even though I don't drink evian water), because here I had believed all along in the Monsters, Inc. ending (Pixar -- you remember them, right?)

    Reaction to my management style

  • We were so grateful that the weather cooperated this time around and none of the PR fans got soaked and that evian provided us with enough water for everyone.

    A Note From Emmett McCarthy

  • After the segment, Chris handed out cigarettes and ice cold bottles of evian to the panel.


  • In France I've seen people in McDo order carottes rapées or another salad starter together with their normal size burger and fries, a bottle of evian water, a brownie for dessert and an espresso for digestion.

    A love affair of shame to rival the poignancy of Brokeback Mountain, or The French Eat McDonald's

  • This topic reminds me of that "and you know that evian is naive spelled backwards" observation... sjk

    keeping it all bottled up - Anil Dash

  • ITEM! the recently-elected mayor of new orleans, ray nagin, affectionately referred to as "The Cable Guy" (he used to be a vice-president at Cox Digital Cable, or something) has announced that he is going to bottle new orleanian tap water and sell it next to dasani and evian. this is the best a louisiana entrepreneur can come up with, and we wonder why this is like, the poorest major city in the united states.

    thejanechord Diary Entry

  • Swipe, smile and blow: Pa. testing wine 'kiosks' evian (R) Natural Spring Water Brings 'Live young (TM)' Spirit to 2010 - Articles related to Food and clothing retailer eyes liquor business


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  • Naive in reverse.

    July 22, 2007