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  • n. Someone who eviscerates, whether physically or metaphorically.
  • n. A device for eviscerating something.


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  • I want to know if Hitchens, this eviscerator of debate opponents, has ever come across someone he considers a truly worthy opponent.

    An easy label for Christopher Hitchens? Careful, it could be a fighting word

  • The tablet, which the site is calling the "iPad eviscerator," is a seven-inch version of Dell's Android-powered Streak.

    Dell tablet gets nod from FCC, on track to debut at Consumer Electronics Show

  • I test the eviscerator with a more difficult quarry.

    The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles

  • The brutal Carabid, the eviscerator of the Pimeliæ, knows how strong he is.

    The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles

  • The review blog said the phone is "handsome" though not necessarily an iPhone "eviscerator." --

  • Thought you'd have to wait for that Now, of course everyone seems to have one question about the device -- is this the be-all-end-all Android phone/iPhone eviscerator?


  • I talked to one of those "Bush eviscerator" friends of mine this morning and here's the conversation (somewhat paraphrased):

    The Moderate Voice

  • Personally I don’t care what legislation Hatty the eviscerator passes I am not wearing a dress or a Sarong and especially not a 'Jupe'

    Who Wears The Trousers ?

  • I would try to suggest Ms Granddaughter be more lenient toward you, as you are an eloquent eviscerator of anti-evolutionists, but, the last time I suggested something along the lines of that to her; well, my mother then had to drive me to the ER to have Ms Granddaughter’s shoe surgically removed from my umbilicus.

    Open thread: questions and explanations - The Panda's Thumb

  • o And, yes, Wait, that eviscerator of widows, was speculating about Mary Hepburn as he sat in the bar of the El Dorado, although he had not met her yet, nor learned for certain how well fixed she was.



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