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  • n. 1018 floating-point operations per second.


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exa- +‎ FLOP


  • "The next speed is 'exaflop' - 10 to the 18th power."

    The Guardian World News

  • But when Roadrunner broke the petaflop record last year, capable of more than one thousand trillion (one quadrillion) sustained floating-point operations per second, it brought supercomputers into a new territory, the exaflop, which is a million trillion calculations, or a quntillion, per second -- a thousand times faster than a petaflop.

    Techworld Australia News

  • Other companies, notably IBM, and numerous scientific research centers are also working to bring supercomputers and HPC machines into the "exaflop" era.

    eWeek - RSS Feeds

  • And the United States is embarking on an effort to reach an exaflop, or one million trillion mathematical operations in a second, sometime before the end of the decade, though most computer scientists say the necessary technologies do not yet exist.

    NYT > Home Page

  • "Whether it's our upcoming 'Interlagos' processor or our energy-efficient APU, AMD's unique x86 and world-class graphics IP place us at the heart of some of the fastest systems as we push well beyond the petaflop towards the exaflop."

  • Intel said the acquisition would help it reach the goal of supplying computers that can perform one exaflop, or a quintillion calculations, per second.

  • The goal is to introduce machines capable of an exaflop - one million trillion calculations (a quintillion) per second.


  • An exaflop is the equivalent of one million trillion calculations per second.

    BBC News - Technology

  • The G8 forecast for the near future is: 10 petaflops by 2013, 100 petaflops by 2016 and one exaflop by 2019.

    Latest from Computerworld

  • The goal of researchers is to build an on-chip optical interconnect that would allow the construction of computers capable of exaflop performance, equivalent to

    PC World


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  • See petaflop.

    June 9, 2008