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  • n. Plural form of expansionist.


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  • Retzloff and others, the organic "expansionists," cite different beneficiaries of their methods: consumers and the environment.

    Cornucopia Institute

  • It would also have attempted to annex or conquer Cuba, other Caribbean islands, northern Mexico and parts of Central America—all of which was openly proposed by pro-slavery expansionists in the 1850s.

    How America's Civil War Changed the World

  • The slavery expansionists originally took the position that the federal government had no role to play because they wanted slavery to gain a foothold, then when they realized they were losing, they switched to demanding that the federal government affirmatively defend the rights of slaveholders to settle the new land.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » European Libertarians and Federalism

  • Israeli expansionists consider these shrines and tombs as much a part of “Greater Israel” as Jerusalem and the West Bank, which they call “Judea and Samaria.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Do Critics of Israeli Policy Whine Too Much?

  • (WMR) — Israeli expansionists, their intentions to take full control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and permanently keep the Golan Heights of Syria and expand into southern Lebanon already well known, also have their eyes on parts of Iraq considered part of a biblical “Greater Israel.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Do Critics of Israeli Policy Whine Too Much?

  • The USA has always had a number of nationalist/colonialist/expansionists within the reaches of power in Washington D.C., but history has shown every time they exert power in behalf of their philosophy, the nation and its people end up losers.

    Robert Schwab: Preemptive War and Other Nonsense

  • This enraged many U.S. expansionists, not least Thomas Benton, who called the concession “a gratuitous and unaccountable sacrifice” that had “dismembered the valley of the Mississippi, mutilated two of our noblest rivers, and brought a foreign boundary to the neighborhood of New Orleans.”

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • If expansionists embraced a vision of a great world power straddling a continent and dominating the commerce of two oceans, Webster wanted nothing to do with it, nor with the acquisition of Mexican territory as a war indemnity.

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • Polk and his fellow expansionists crushed the Whigs on the Texas annexation issue, as demonstrated in this cartoon showing the inevitable outcome of statehood leaving Whig opponents scrambling to avoid catastrophe.

    A Country of Vast Designs

  • Peel and his government began to suspect Polk had fired up the western expansionists to such a pitch that compromise would be impossible.

    A Country of Vast Designs


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