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  • n. A disk attached to the mandrel of a lathe to hold the work to be turned.
  • n. The glass front of a cathode-ray tube upon which the image is displayed.
  • n. A protective plate covering the human face, as of a welder or diver.

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  • n. A removable protective shield separating the inner workings of a machine from operator and observer.
  • n. A rigid flat surface that has an active role in the interaction of a device with an operator or user.

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  • n. a protective covering for the front of a machine or device (as a door lock or computer component)


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face +‎ plate


  • Not every watch that says ‘ROLEX’ on the faceplate is in fact a ROLEX.

    Mormon Church plans 5 new temples

  • All I can see through the faceplate is infinite space salted with Christmas-light stars.

    365 tomorrows » Space Walk : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • The only drawbacks to purchasing a faceplate is the fact that it only covers the front of your console and the lack of variety.

    [H]ardOCP [H] Enthusiast Article Feed

  • It is vital to keep closed that faceplate which is pretense.

    Ensign Flandry

  • The only downside of this is the lens 'positioning towards the top right hand corner of the faceplate, meaning that, as with Sony Cyber-shots and Mjus, unwanted fingertips can stray into frame when gripping the camera in both hands to take a steadier shot.

    Photography Blog - News

  • The problem stems from the "faceplate" maximum power load recommendations that hardware vendors place on their products, according to Mark Linesch, HP's vice president for enterprise storage and server software. - Answers + Analysis + Advice

  • Dropkick didn't use the usual "one giant lens" head most of the videogame Decepticons had (and the toys based on them), but rather a variation on the standard "faceplate" Autobot noggin.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • I'll even pay top dollar for it if I can get an official upgrade program (simple swap of a motherboard by an authorized dealer for a few hundred dollars) and some kind of faceplate/skin system (so it looks like new each time I want it to or can take the sea salt when I'm at the marina or can take a drop when I'm hiking or is ultra thin when I'm on a plane etc) and freedom to run the OS I want choose without compromise (I'm not saying give me an OS Warranty or support for each one but allow them ... document hardware, make drivers source code available) - Andriod, Win7/XP, Linux, OS X, OpenSolaris ...

  • I also blew the faceplate sticker off of simply stuck it back on.

    Video Blog: Shooting Over A Chronograph

  • I blew the Chrony faceplate sticker off of it, and simply stuck it back on to the front of the Chrony.

    Video Blog: Shooting Over A Chronograph


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