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  • n. A means for ensuring high availability of some critical resource (such as a computer system), involving a parallel, backup system which is kept running at all times so that, upon detected failure of the primary system, processing can be automatically shifted over to the backup.
  • n. An automatic switch to a secondary system on failure of the primary system.


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fail +‎ over


  • In contrast to server failover, which is not able to address data failures, DPMExplorer and DataTransporterTM would allow data to be restored instantly to the application server during precisely this type of failures, so that high availability can be guaranteed under all circumstances.

    PRWeb - Daily News Feed

  • Essentially, the partnership creates a geolocation "failover" system for developers.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Web 2.0

  • The InfiniBand hardware-based automatic and fast "failover" to the DRBD replicated storage has been proven to be very reliable and takes less than 5 seconds, enabling non-disruptive service to its customers.

    Latest News from JAVA Developer's Journal

  • Instant application enhancement, enabling any existing application to immediately start leveraging advanced features and functionality such as failover, bulk load and statement pooling without requiring application code changes

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • ManageNet has 'failover' back-up systems that give 99. 99% service and Wireless also Logic provides a comprehensive account management support facility with regular reviews based upon performance, tariff expenditure, and service updates. Current News - Top Stories

  • Oh yes, did I mention that SCADA systems almost always use redundant computers, so that in the event that one fails, an automatic "failover" to the backup computer occurs?

    TechRepublic Blogs

  • APIs will be forced to evolve as cloud offerings split into ultrasimple services (like S3 image hosting) and more complex services (such as failover from an internal cloud to EC2.)


  • Site Assure also enables the creation of customized rules that define static and dynamic routing polices such as failover and balance routing.

    Marketwire - Breaking News Releases

  • That current disaster recovery architectures, which uses the synonym "failover," is based on the cutover archetype: a system's primary component fails, damaging operations; then failover to a secondary component is attempted to resume operations.

    Latest News from Web 2.0 Journal

  • "Our core data centres in South Australia are directly built, managed, and operated by Internode, and the main one actually uses two generator sets to back up mains power, with automatic 'failover' should one of them not start up during a power outage.

    ARN News


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