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  • noun Alternative spelling of fairy.


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  • Boy those little twin fairie girls sure grew up fast ... and now they're goth too ... gotta love'em

    Conan in Japan, Revisited!

  • How could my favorite fairie tale be anything but Cinderella?

    NZ/Aus Author Series: Yvonne Lindsay

  • It's a tale set on a set of islands which have since sunk beneath the Atlantic set in or around the 4th centuary C.E. It has heroes, giants, ogres, fairie, black magicians, high (and low) politics, swordplay, anger, love, and even a bit of sex.

    MIND MELD: The Forgotten Books of SF/F/H

  • Why do I have the urge to play croquet with fairie heads?

    Regretsy – Da Da Da Li La Ma

  • Sitting in my office, waiting for the dream to release me, I thought of flooded fairie meadows, "the Green Meadows of Enchantment" off Gresholm Island, near Wales, and "The Voyage of Bran Mac Febal":

    Relics from the Dark Times (4)

  • In a weird way, letting Rolling Eyes have the last word would sort of say everything about why we're Pagans, why we honor fairie magic and use quartz crystals to help bring peace and healing into the world.

    Pagan Values: The Clinic

  • Liz B said ... becky, both statcounter & mybloglog have an "upgraded" service for money, but unless you're getting hits in the thousands you really don't need the upgrade. and even tho statcounter only saves the last 100 searches, they hold onto the overall stats. book fairie, good, I'm glad I've got you on the sidebar you Attolia fans rock!

    And You Came Here For That?

  • When the sleep fairie attacks, she tends to just fall-out wherever she's at.

    Fell asleep while riding her pink hobby-horse...

  • The story in Stardust is about Tristran Thorn, a young man whose father is a human and mother a fairie and who in a rash decision, decides to go into Faerie Land to bring a fallen star back for the girl he loves.

    Book Review : Stardust by Neil Gaiman - A Review

  • It was something between the dark fairie and the gothic otherworld and I just sighed.

    My 'angel of mercy', not thinking and some happier times


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