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  • n. Manufactured folklore presented as if it were genuinely traditional.


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Blend of fake and folklore


  • Yesterday, thinking about werewolves and "fakelore," working on promotional stuff for The Red Tree, I may have come a bit closer to understanding what the next novel is about.

    "Love Song For a Vampire"

  • This is sometimes described as "fakelore" rather than folklore, see the Wikipedia article on that.

    Philocrites: How to have a Puritan Thanksgiving.

  • If the difference between folklore and "fakelore" is that someone has to be self-consciously deliberate about inventing a past, the difference may only exist in a meaningful way for a short period of time until others start experiencing the fakelore as folklore.

    Philocrites: How to have a Puritan Thanksgiving.

  • Neopagans are experts in this kind of historical fabrications, but there are examples of "fakelore" almost everywhere.

    Philocrites: How to have a Puritan Thanksgiving.

  • His research is pretty good, but he's only human -- he repeats "fakelore" like the Mad Gasser of Mattoon uncritically.

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • Incorporating Indian characters or traditions helps to establish a fantasy as American rather than stuck within those dominant British and other European traditions; Chabon has spoken explicitly about that goal in writing Summerland, which also includes the heroes of traditional American folklore (and fakelore), as well as a whole lot more.

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • The mythology … folklore and fakelore, the personality cult … God, Jesus, Santa Claus, Subcomandante Marcos … vote for hoodie or loodie … maybe Chiapas and places like them reveal the difference between metaphysical hope and comfortable binkie-suck.

    La Realidad: Romney "suspends" his "presidential campaign."

  • Folklorists sneer and call such things "fakelore."

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • And others are ones whose time has obviously come, or possibly gone, in the way of slang -- automagically, bouncebackability, fakelore, hacktivist, voddy for vodka.

    OED words added

  • Yet Hulk was not a man to cater to any fakelore or superstition; he was supremely prac - tical.

    Split Infinity


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  • 'In Canada, certain unscrupulous manufacturers of faux Inuit art (sometimes called fakelore) have adopted tags that resemble ones with the official symbol of provenance authority.' ~ James O. Young, Cultural Appropriation and the Arts, p. 156

    May 5, 2008