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  • adj. Fake.


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fake +‎ -y


  • Also, on the brilliant lock job: I spied the exact same "fakey" in progress at the train station a couple months ago.

    BSNYC Friday Non-Quiz!

  • Before we met the triplets, meaning the Barbaderos, we witnessed a kind of fakey young and raw New York street posse who did a well-choreographed and slightly raunchy dance around the cars accompanied by unconscionably loud dance-club music.

    Meeting the Chevrolet triplets

  • * Entertainingly written, clearly illustrated, lots of Marvel-style subplots and feels like a 1960s Marvel book, without any kind of fakey "retro" stylizing.

    Archive 2004-12-19

  • The song sounds like a mix of "We Didn't Start the Fire" and those fakey Juno Comcast commercials (which at last answered the burning question of how to make Kimya Dawson more maddeningly cloying: create a fake Kimya Dawson!).


  • Memorize ‘em and you’ll not only come off as a pro, but also have the added benefit of taking out all of those fakey dramatic pauses that actors do when trying remember their cues.

    SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 588

  • She gleefully calls attention to Hickabee's mistep with a fakey little sympathy grunt then goes on to rub it in.

    Palin: 'My heart goes out to Huckabee'

  • This visual effects seem solid, but the choreography feels a little too fakey wire-fu-ish for my taste.

    The Last Airbender Movie Trailer | /Film

  • Cleverly yet simply, "Sanders" differentiated the two worlds -- both fakey, but in different ways -- by shooting the talk show on crisp and shiny videotape and the backstage stuff on slightly grainy, softer-edged film.

    TV review of "The Larry Sanders Show" coming out on box set

  • MS: Cracked T.V. is a very unique workflow, much more like a TV show than than you'd expect for such a fake fakey fake approximation of TV.

    Greg Boose: Talking Comedy and Disturbing YouTube Clips with's Michael Swaim

  •  Anybody who talks fakey sweet and wears bright blue contact lenses just so her squinty pig eyes will be the bluest eyes in the whole high school shouldn't be trusted.

    The Only Still Thing


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