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  • adj. resembling a fang


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  • Shortly after spotting the police officer with a nose for news, an indifference to crime, and a disdain for attentive driving, I encountered this Colnago, its fang-like bars poised to inject any would-be thieves with deadly venom:

    Hitting the Road: Unhooking the BRA

  • "I encountered this Colnago, it's fang-like bars poised"

    Hitting the Road: Unhooking the BRA

  • The hilt of the smaller sword, a fang-like wakizashi, was brilliant even in the gloomy fog, a sea of small sapphires upon which tiny ships of gold rode an endless tide.

    Mini-interview: C.L. Werner |

  • The female sports small eyes, a chin barbel, and long fang-like teeth, which are used for catching its primary food item - other fishes.

    Archive 2007-11-01

  • But truth be told, this little guy, Nereis virens, has a fang-like jaw that, in addition to helping it burrow into sediment, could serve as a model for a new class of super-strong, lightweight materials.

    Material World: Marine Worm Jaws Inspire New Aerospace Materials

  • Nigerpeton ricglesi had rounded noses, with small eyes and both small and large fang-like teeth.

    Science, Technology, Politics

  • A while back, I reported on a study of pycnogonids, the sea spiders, that appeared to show that that might not be the case: on the basis of neural organization and innervation, that study showed that the way pycnogonid chelifores a pair of large, fang-like structures at the front of the head were innervated suggested that they were homologous to great appendages.

    Chelifores, chelicerae, and invertebrate evolution - The Panda's Thumb

  • It also may explain why male platypuses have a fang-like venomous spur on their inside hind legs.

    The Speculist: Speaking of Ancient Mysteries

  • Well, it turns out his teeth grew into sort of fang-like things on the bottom there and he has a massive overbite.

    CNN Transcript Aug 17, 2006

  • With a howl that had nothing of the human in it, Wulfhere clawed frantically at Kull's face, trying to tear out his eyes, then turned his head and snapped his fang-like teeth into the Atlantean's arm.

    People of the Dark


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