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  • adj. Obsolete form of fantastic.


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  • Therefore, if I took Milton's original lines and replaced "fantastick" with "academick", let's see how it looks like:

    Origins of "trip the light fantastic"

  • The fantastick bounces of the Tamborine invited the heart to mirth and every note going to the boundary of the grove, seem'd to return in search of others but that instant struck from the instrument or voice.

    Letter 35

  • Time: But this is one of the finest − spun Snares wherewith the Devil intraps us, when he makes us abandon one Vertue to idolize another: As when the learned Casuists contend for the Faith to the Breach of Charity; and the Enthusiasticks, in their fantastick Raptures, neglect the common

    The Amours of Bosvil and Galesia

  • Hermit's Cell, which ought to pass in Oblivion, as common Words of course; and wou'd have done so with me, if fantastick Folly had not kept them alive in my Memory.


  • By her I thought our rocky Island a terrestrial Paradise, there being nothing to disturb my Enjoyment of this my fantastick Spouse.


  • To which my Mother reply'd, I think, Fate would be more kind to set a Basket, or a Milk-pail, on thy Head; thereby to suppress those foolish Vapours that thus intoxicate thy Brain: But if there be a fatal Necessity that it must be so, e'en go on, and make thyself easy with thy fantastick Companions the Muses: I remember, continued she,

    A Patch-Work Screen for the Ladies

  • As that fantastick Nation, the French, have little Meat, but they dress it well, so they have few Words compar'd to our English, but use 'em neatly.

    "Mr. McCain hungers for information. He can regularly be seen reading newspapers from cover to cover..."

  • It is impossible that, either in the discourse of man or in the infallible voice of God, to the weakness of our apprehensions there should not appear irregularities, contradictions, and antinomies: 27 myself could show a catalogue of doubts, never yet imagined nor questioned, as I know, which are not resolved at the first hearing; not fantastick queries or objections of air; for I cannot hear of atoms in divinity.

    Religio Medici

  • Buffalmaco and the rest that were there present, seeming as if they were seriouslie consulting together, and perceived nothing of his fantastick behavior, according as Bruno had appointed, could scarse refraine from extremity of laughter, they noted such antick trickes in Calandrino.

    The Decameron

  • Who needed no such fantastick circumstance, to cure the strange disease, which he imagined (by sottish perswasions) to have: had hee not been so lavish of his tongue, and accused his Wife of overmastering him.

    The Decameron


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