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  • n. A sesquiterpene alcohol that is present in many essential oils and is involved in the biosynthesis of cholesterol


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  • Johannes asked me what the Lipinski Rule of Five for farnesol is, in reply to the matching XMPP cloud service.

    /me is having Bioclipse/XMPP/RDF fun

  • Other floral notes of the green floral category are hyacinth, linden blossom (which, like lily of the valley, is high in its farnesol content), neroli (orange flower essential oil), violet leaf, boronia and freesia.

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  • The heart is powdery and floral but not as indolic as Mimosaique or Une Fleur de Cassie, as the presence of jasmine is tampered by the lightness of farnesol and linalol in lily of the valley and lilac and the melancholy powder of violets.

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  • The principle constituent of linden blossom is farnesol.

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  • In the perfumery and sesquiterpene domain the total syntheses of nerolidol and farnesol were carried through.

    Leopold Ruzicka - Biography

  • When tested on a model tooth surface the micelles were able to swiftly bind and gradually release the encapsulated farnesol.

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  • In the study tooth-binding micelles (molecular particles) were developed and encapsulated with farnesol, an antimicrobial recently found to be effective against the cavity causing bacterium Streptococcus mutans UA159.

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  • Additionally, biofilm inhibition studies of the farnesol-containing tooth-binding micelles demonstrated that they were able to inhibit S. mutans UA159 at much higher levels than untreated blank control micelles.

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  • In the present study, we further investigated whether the biological actions of combinations of myricetin (flavonoid), tt-farnesol

    BioMed Central - Latest articles


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