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  • v. To make errors in typing on a keyboard or keypad by accidentally striking more than one key simultaneously with one finger.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

fat + finger, the implication being that a person who fat-fingers does so because his or her fingers are too fat to strike a key without accidentally simultaneously striking a neighboring key.


  • Computerized trading has given rise to a genre of errors on Wall Street known as fat-finger slip-ups, because pressing a wrong key can mean a difference of millions or billions in trades.

    Technology Can't Save Us From Math Mishaps

  • It's called "fat-finger dialing" and it's a fairly common phone scam. Top headlines

  • People in the telecommunications industry who are familiar with PrimeTel say that in addition to snapping up familiar 1-800 numbers, the company may be trying to capitalize on people's fat-finger dialing mistakes by acquiring numbers that are just a digit or two away from a major company's number.

    Porn company is amassing 1-800 numbers

  • This looks also like a good option for small touch-screen devices, since the user interface has only a few yet fat-finger friendly controls. marjancek

    YouTube XL Brings YouTube To Your TV | Lifehacker Australia

  • A problem I've seen in IBM Thinkpads is the NumLock going on all by itself, often on startup (and no, it's not a fat-finger error.)

    NumLocker Disables The Caps Lock Key | Lifehacker Australia

  • One rumor alleges what traders call the "fat-finger discount," where someone typed billion instead of million into a sell order.

    The Computer Glitch Felt Round the World

  • These include a "fat-finger" erroneous trade that started it all; hacking or terrorist activity; unusual trading in shares of Proctor & Gamble, a component of the Dow Jones industrial average; and futures trades linked to the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index.

    Last week's market dive largely caused by major Wall St. firms, SEC chief says

  • This isn't the first time a fat-finger move has caused agita for stock traders.

    Buzzword: Fat Finger Move

  • A precipitous, 1,000-point tumble in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, translating to the elimination of nearly $1 trillion of market value in about 20 minutes during yesterday's trading day, has been blamed in part on a yet-to-be-identified fat-finger mistake.

    Buzzword: Fat Finger Move

  • It likely IS a glitch, more likely a fat-finger human error on the futures market, and the press is so wildly off the mark as to be humorous.

    Skynet Rules


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