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  • n. someone who adopts some aspects of a Bohemian lifestyle while staying within social conventions


From faux + Bohemian (Wiktionary)


  • However, I think "fauxhemian" fails to capture that (fading) inflection of "hipster" that actually refers to those individuals who lead the way, the canny young men and women who somehow manifest the coming zeitgeist before it arrives-the first appropriators.

    Culture Guide

  • So there you have it, even as a contraction, "fauxhemian" is just too high brow to be widely embraced with any great success.

    Save The Hipster!

  • Least likely to succeed fauxhemian: Winner of a Gawker poll to replace the term "hipster." Top headlines

  • It's official: The number one cause of fauxhemian crashes on Bedford Avenue is no longer cool.


  • If this is your definition of "hipster" - trendy post-college yuppies marching in lockstep to the easily grasped fashion rhythms of any given 18-month period-then I guess Gawker's newly anointed replacement term, "fauxhemian," is fairly useful in summarizing a particular kind of scorn.

    Culture Guide

  • Reminds me of that fauxhemian girl who openly advertised and sold pot brownies (she set up a sidewalk table and used her home phone number on flyers) on Bedford Avenue several years ago.



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  • Great! We'll send a fauxtographer to document the fauxnomenon.

    April 3, 2010

  • And for my next trick . . . fauxheminism.

    April 3, 2010

  • ...and douchoisie. The new hipster slurs.

    April 3, 2010

  • (FOH.hee.mee.un) adj. Relating to something that is bohemian in a fake or pretentious manner. —n. A middle class or wealthy person who affects a countercultural lifestyle. Also: faux-hemian.

    January 8, 2009