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  • Pulcherrima eft fepibus vivis in hortis, cuift inter topiarias noftrates nequaquam ultimo loco fit habenda, femperque virefcit: Difficilis eft transplan* tatu, quoniam fibrofae ejus radices valde fe expan - dunt, & fub fuperficie 4: erra2 reptant; cum vero fe* mel vel bis transpofita eft., facillime deinde trans - plan -

    Caroli a Linné equit. aur. de stella polari archiatri regii med. et botan. profess. Upsal. Acad ...

  • Deinde aldi voce dicicur Paterno/fer, concinuacur fe* crcco ufque ad Vcrficulum Et ne nos » &c, cui eodcm tono fubjungiturAbfoiutio: 6c flatim Lc6tor parumper fe inclinans, & vertcns faciem vcrsus Celcbrantcm, ab

    Breviarium ecclesiæ Rotomagensis

  • Horum acinorum duplex in primls fedes eft: plurimi in omnibus capfulis artl - cuios continentibus ponuntur, & intervalla fibrarum capfulam efficientium te - nent (c), difgregati, «qu£ inter fe magnitudinis (d) s non earum glandularum difTimiies, qua* in dura membrana cerebri, per fibrarum perinde Intervalla fe» dent.

    Elementa physiologiae corporis humani ..

  • Actually an auto da fe is a fairly old transportation method and yet it resembles what they use in Star Trek sans the annoying tingly sounds.

    War Criminal or Hero? « Blog

  • The Santa fe is right on the square, so convenient, but not quiet.

    Transportation/Hotel Info for Guanajuato Visit

  • I can't think of any better reason than clout to explain why an Illinois governor elected on an anti-corruption platform and ending up under long-term fe ...

    Mike Doyle: Clout Gate

  • Sadly, long suffering Haitians have seen it all and are all too familiar with the Creole proverb Konstitusyon se papye, babyonet se fe, that is, a constitution is made of paper, but bayonets are made of steel.

    Eli Y. Adashi: Tinderbox Haiti: Could All Out Violence Be Too Far Behind?

  • And from hence, in a very eafy Qonnedion. derives the idea of fe£t or party, be-» caufe nothing fo Readily divides people into itOts as their opi -

    The Monthly Review

  • Address: Sterries, Ploughman's Lane, igsmarkham, Sussex. 'fe'They say it's a dream of a house,' said Sheila. wonder if she'll sell, that one daughter? rcause if she does Andrew and I might really msider ...

    Put On By Cunning

  • Dim ond yn ddiweddar dwi wedi dechre deall ystyr y "trydydd sector", er nad oes gyda fi fawr o syniad be ma' fe'n gyflawni.

    WalesOnline - Home


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  • Fe. Chemical element symbol for Iron.

    December 16, 2007