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  • Also, this Old Man of the Mountain is a great murderer, of whom even all the princes of the East are terrified, for he speaks a word to his fedais -- or servants -- who are initiated, and they go forth and bring to death any whom he hates.

    The Brethren

  • Only I warn you all -- and myself also -- to walk warily, since, if I know aught of him, Sinan's fedais will henceforth dog the steps of every one of us, striving to bring us to our ends by murder.

    The Brethren

  • In the courtyard they found the horses, Flame and Smoke, as they had been told, also a mounted escort of four fierce-looking fedais and an officer.

    The Brethren

  • Lozelle struck first and Godwin caught the stroke upon his buckler, but before he could return it the fedais of either party rushed between them and thrust them asunder.

    The Brethren

  • Now, you messengers of Salah-ed-din, begone, lest I send you on a longer journey, and tell your master that if he dares to lift his standards against my walls my fedais shall speak with him.

    The Brethren

  • On the city side the brethren pulled up laughing among the astonished fedais who had waited for them there.

    The Brethren

  • Well, this heretic sultan is my enemy whom Satan protects, for even my fedais have failed to kill him, and perhaps there will be war on account of you.

    The Brethren

  • Thrice they passed round the city thus, the last time by themselves, for the captain and the fedais were far outstripped.

    The Brethren

  • From the walls of Masyaf, day by day, fedais went out to murder this great one, or that great one, at the bidding of their lord Sinan.

    The Brethren

  • "Gallant riders and swift, well-trained steeds," answered one of the fedais, with admiration in his voice.

    The Brethren


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  • "'...they are still a very dangerous body, even though the fedais, the actual killers, amount to only a few score...'"


    "'Yes: and a truly devoted band of fedais might do Napoleon's cause an incomparable service by removing Schwarzenberg or Barclay de Tolly or an imperial prince or indeed any of the thinking heads....'"

    --Patrick O'Brian, The Hundred Days, 20, 21

    A Sea of Words:

    fedai One of the fidayoun, literally 'men of self-sacrifice,' a member of the Assassins. (195)

    March 20, 2008