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  • n. Plural form of feedlot.


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  • With grass so plentiful and rich, he told me, animals can produce meat almost as marbled as that of animals finished in feedlots on grain.

    Out of the Frying Pan

  • According to their research, sorghum strips excess nitrogen out of soils with such efficiency that it may solve waste disposal problems for cities and livestock operations (such as feedlots) that generate nitrogen-laden wastes.

    11. Sorghum: Fuel and Utility Types

  • The domestication of various farm animals meant that corresponding industries such as feedlots, animal husbandry and meat processing have also been studied, and developed.

    agriculture+ontario - Google Blog Search

  • In the face of rising food prices over the past two years, the government imposed a series of measures, including export limits on agricultural products and subsidies for domestic grain users such as feedlots and dairies.


  • American cattle producers from Texas to Tennessee ship their herds each summer to the Flint Hills region of Kansas, where the animals bulk up on grass before they're dispatched to feedlots and then slaughtered.

    Range Fires Ignite Dispute

  • We visited feedlots and fish hatcheries, cheese plants and cracker companies, and wind farms and gas fields.

    WATCH: Hick Keeps Focus On Jobs As He's Sworn In

  • If you keep beef cattle in crowded feedlots and give them high levels of grain in their diets they are very likely to get stressed, reducing their natural immunity to diseases, and increasing the risk of liver abscesses, bloat and acidosis.

    Andrew Gunther: E. Coli and the Misuse of Antibiotics

  • These are routinely implanted in cattle before entry into feedlots, about 100 days prior to slaughter, to increase muscle mass and profits for the meat industry.

    Samuel S. Epstein: Breast Cancer Unawareness Month: Rethinking Mammograms

  • Supplies of slaughter-ready cattle have been ballooning for months as the animals have been moved more quickly than usual from pasture to feedlots because little grass is left in the grazing lands of the southern Plains due to drought.

    Tighter Supplies Drive Cattle

  • Once meatpackers work through that rise in supplies, analysts forecast that the number of cattle moving through feedlots will decline.

    Tighter Supplies Drive Cattle


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