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  • They are called ferox trout and were once considered a separate species, “Salmo ferox.”

    Trout and Salmon of North America

  • There are also many fossils of plesio-and pliosaurs, including the famous nearly complete articulated skeleton of a juvenile Liopleurodon ferox from the Oxford Clays from which many life-reconstructions are based but actually when I took a closer look I was under the strong impression that the intervertebral distance is too big and some tail vertebrae seems missing too...

    Color Underwater

  • Here you can other pieces of Telekaster who made the music for this clip ferox neutrino 1 year ago

    History of the Internet on Vimeo

  • Cultus ferox is nice too former corvus corax or wolgemut as well.

    Day 3: Filming at Doune Castle

  • Again it could also be cultus ferox as they use the same instrument if so then check Tamfanae

    Day 3: Filming at Doune Castle

  • Characteristic succulent species include the Uitenhage aloe (Aloe africanai), bitter aloe (Aloe ferox), Euphorbia ledienii, and Euphorbia grandidens.

    Albany thickets

  • Only in 1998 was the latest shark species discovered (Odontaspis ferox).

    Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna Sanctuary, Colombia

  • Madagascar is also home to more than 15 endemic bat species, including the Madagascar flying fox (Pteropus rufus, VU), and numerous endemic rodents, like the unusual giant jumping rat (Hypogeomys antimena, EN), and carnivores, including the fossa (Cryptoprocta ferox, EN), which resembles a cross between a dog and a cat.

    Biological diversity in Madagascar and the Indian Ocean Islands

  • One of the best known is the bitter aloe (Aloe ferox), which is used to make a purgative drug called Cape Aloes and is arguably the most important medicinal plant in South Africa.

    Biological diversity in Maputaland-Pondoland-Albany

  • The Ophtamlosaurus is really nice, but I find the wonderfull specimens of Eurhinosaurus even more interesting, or my personal favorite there, the articulated skeleton of Liopleurodon ferox.

    Life in the Oxford Clay sea


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  • Latin ferox = wild, bold, courageous, warlike, spirited, brave, gallant, fierce

    savage, headstrong, fierce, insolent, cruel

    November 12, 2017

  • Ireland's largest, fiercest and most famous species of trout.

    February 9, 2007