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  • n. Intentional destruction of a human fetus.

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  • n. an abortion, specifically, the killing of a fetus.
  • n. one who kills a fetus.

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  • n. The act of killing the fetus in the womb; the offense of procuring an abortion.

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  • n. In med. jurisprudence, the destruction of the life of a fetus. Also fœticide.

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  • n. the act of destroying a fetus


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The word fetus with the added suffix -icide (modified -cide) derived from French -cide, from Latin -cida ("cutter, killer"), from -cid (combining form of caedō ("cut, kill")) + -a ("-er") (used for form agent nouns). (caedere means "to kill")


  • Abortion is practiced occasionally as well as feticide, which is usually brought about by blows, compression, and external violence.

    Labor Among Primitive Peoples

  • If you want to criminalize "feticide" and force unwilling mothers to carry their fetus to term, then the instant that child is delivered in the hospital room, does the new mother have the legal right to say, "Well, it's all yours now, I'm outta here, good luck."

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • If female infanticide is genocide, and female "feticide," as it's called in the original article, is also genocide, then your pro-choice reasonings are going to collapse alarmingly quickly.

    Having your cake and eating it too (worst mixed metaphor LJ subject line ever).

  • In a similar sentiment, the spate of bills and laws popping up around the country from Utah's bill proposed and pushed by right-wing, conservatives that seeks to criminalize women who have miscarriages to "feticide" laws stemming from our Unborn Victims of Violence Act that have been used around the country to punish women who may dare to wittingly or not place their fetus in danger, we codify the Christian right's patriarchal, anger towards women. Main RSS Feed

  • "But there is at least one area in which the movement for fetal rights has been particularly successful: fetal homicide, or" feticide, "laws, which generally criminalize acts that terminate a pregnancy outside of abortion.

    The Prenatal Problem

  • She blasts the UN for using terms like 'feticide' and opposing sex selection in favor of the right of unborn girls to be born, "arguing that human rights only" begin at birth. "

    Spero News

  • Adams says the woman could face murder or attempted feticide charges.

    Cops: Woman Ate Rat Poison Before Giving Birth, Leading To Baby's Death

  • Swami Agnivesh shows what can be done: an Indian spiritual leader with guts and vision, he leads marches against feticide and never hesitates to condemn the practice roundly.

    Katherine Marshall: Women At Risk In An Unequal World

  • This story and the heart-rending video that accompanies it, "Attorney Rips Prosecutor In Infant Rat Poison Death, Pence: Prosecuting Pregnant Women 'Bad For Babies,'" provides a glimpse of the jailhouse dehumanization that awaits pregnant women who become the targets of state feticide and murder laws that have defined eggs, embryos, and fetuses as legally separate from pregnant women.

    Lynn M. Paltrow: Is Locking Up Pregnant Women the New Cure for State Financial Woes and Mental Health Problems?

  • An Indiana prosecutor's response has been to charge her with the crimes of murder (defined to include viable fetuses) and feticide (defined to include ending a human pregnancy at any stage).

    Lynn M. Paltrow: Is Locking Up Pregnant Women the New Cure for State Financial Woes and Mental Health Problems?


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  • Monobina Gupta, who has researched domestic violence for Jagori, a nongovernmental organization, draws a direct link between these killings and the abortion of female fetuses: “The dowry is part of the continuum of gender-based discrimination and violence, beginning with female feticide.”

    The New York Times, A Campaign Against Girls in India, by Nilanjana S. Roy, April 12, 2011

    April 13, 2011