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  • Fiexit fye*ex*it Noun.

    1. A zone where you exit during a fire; syn: fire exit, fire egress, escapes way. The firefighters fiercely commanded Bob to run to the fiexit, because his apartment had been combusted.


    circa 2012. Modern English. American English < Blend of fire and exit. Fire: O.E. fyr, from P.Gmc. *fuir (cf. O.Fris. fiur, O.N. fürr, M.Du. vuur, Ger. Feuer), from PIE *perjos, from root *paewr- (cf. Armenian hur "fire, torch," Czech pyr "hot ashes," Gk. pyr, Umbrian pir, Skt. pu, Hittite pahhur "fire"). Current spelling is attested as early as 1200, but did not fully Exit: 1530s, from L. exit "he or she goes out," third person sing. pres. indicative of exire "go out," from ex- "out" + ire "go." Also from L. exitus "a leaving, a going out," noun of action from exire. Originally in English as a stage direction (late 15c.); sense of "door for leaving" is 1786. The verb is. Cited:

    fi*ex*it*ed- verb

    fi*ex*it*ive – adjectives

    October 2, 2012