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  • n. teleology


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  • Many of those laws seek finalism in the the crucifixion of the prophetic, with a baffling success rate in selling the most unintelligent, unforgiving members of our society.

    Distributive Justice: Barack Obama, Bush and Luke 6: 42

  • These drives are normal and healthy in most people, but become pathological in the absence of a clear “fictive goal” and “guiding fiction,” or more generally a clear “fictional finalism.”

    Individual Psychology versus Existential Psychology: A Typology Approach

  • Yet in spite of its express mechanistic and deterministic character, Spinoza's physical theory appears to exploit an irreducible element of finalism, and to accord an important explanatory role to individual bodily essences.

    Spinoza's Physical Theory

  • Spinoza neither perceives the particular difficulties for Cartesian physical theory that lead Leibniz to revive both finalism and substantial forms, nor foresees the Newtonian theory of universal gravitation whose mathematical and empirical superiority to the Cartesian vortex theory lead to its universal acceptance, despite its own revival of occult powers in the form of forces operating at a distance.

    Spinoza's Physical Theory

  • Moreover, we can connect the afterlife with evolution without subscribing to finalism, the belief that evolution is ruled by a definite, unswerving plan.

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • The analysis of the main report at the congress, which will close today, raised the problem of finalism among students and the lack of rigorousness in the education of future professionals.


  • We must oppose every manifestation of finalism and superficiality.


  • Peirce's tychism — radical determinism as well as radi - cal finalism virtually and sometimes even explicitly eliminate time altogether in fusing the successive phases into a single instantaneous unity of the


  • Their authors pass from physiological sensualism to moralism, from imitation of nature to finalism, and to transcendental mysticism, without consciousness of the incongruity of their theses, at variance each with itself.

    Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic

  • There is in vision _more_ than the component cells of the eye and their mutual coördination: in this sense, neither mechanism nor finalism go far enough.

    Evolution créatrice. English


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