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  • n. A net used to catch fish.


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  • I'll take the Ultra fish-net, in the camo pattern, with the fly!

    Would You Wear Mantyhose?

  • He's as unique as his getup: fish-net biking gloves, peanut shell earrings, a hat with a bat through it, stuffed alien on his shoulder, and the New Balance shoes he uses to climb 1,500 steps a game.

    Colorado Rockies Beer Vendor "Earthman" Wins Hearts, ESPN Profile

  • That's why it was not just OK, but it actually made sense to have the 51 contestants photographed in bust - and leg-revealing, bras, panties, fish-net stockings and open men's shirts, while laying on beds and chaise lounges, for their pageant promo shot.

    Bonnie Fuller: Oh no! Miss USA Contestants Look Like Porn Stars not Pageant Queens!

  • Granted, it is intriguing that AL plays both roles, or all three if you count the goth as different from the fish-net diva. but, you know, in the earlier one her highest aspiration was to be with the boys, too, and be accepted by boys, and make boys laugh and like her. still a cute kid and all, and she probably knows what will sell her records.

    Matthew Yglesias » Thank God

  • In its sights were targets as diverse as rappers and their lyrics and videos, pop stars such as Christina Aguilera, advertisers, publishers, clothes designers (G-strings emblazoned with "wink wink" for seven to 10-year-olds) and doll manufacturers (Bratz with their miniskirts and fish-net stockings).

    State of Mind Creates Performance Backdrop | Impact Lab

  • Her skin was creamy white, as though she never saw the sun, and her skinny legs were often encased in black fish-net stockings, the rage in 1967.


  • Bush's signing of the law authorizing the construction of a 700-mile border fence (which Bill Maher compared to using a fish-net condom for birth control) is seen as both hostile and tone-deaf to the question of illegal immigration, and the voice of the GOP's stand on the issue has been people like Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) and Pat Buchanan, who are fire-breathing anti-immigrant advocates.

    November 2006

  • Most likely 'cause I'm just as much a sucker for a natty pair of ballistic eight-denier fish-net stockings as the next dame.

    Something I missed ...

  • Secondarily, a ringmaster-like fellow in a tailcoat and fedora, with a brazen temptress in fish-net stockings for a female sidekick, creates a mercurial and devilish presence.

    A Tharp Ballet That's Brand New

  • I wonder what they would make of my English male colleagues penchant for dressing in fish-net tights and colorful wigs for charity as they did for the Children in Need Appeal last week....

    And a dash of good old Naija machismo!


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