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  • n. Any of several extinct creatures (having features both of fish and tetrapods) of the subclass Tetrapodomorpha


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  • There are plenty of examples listed, take a read, make a list and be ready to counter the arguments of the ill-informed with your knowledge of mid length necked giraffes, walking manatee, Dimetrodon and Tiktaalik, aka the fishibian or the fishapod, is a large scaled fish that shows a perfect transition between fins and feet, aquatic and land animals.

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  • It has a mixture of fish, tetrapod, and "fishapod" traits:

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  • Its nickame, for reasons that will become clear, is "fishapod"; it's more formally called Tiktaalik ( "large fish in stream," in the local Inuit language).

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  • First described in 2006, and quickly dubbed the "fishapod," it had fish-like features such as a primitive jaw, fins and scales, as well as a skull, neck, ribs and parts of the limbs that are similar to tetrapods, four-legged animals.

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  • It's a busy time for transitional fossil news—first they find a fishapod, and now we've got a Cretaceous snake with legs and a pelvis.

    Najash rionegrina, a snake with legs - The Panda's Thumb


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  • A controversial name for Tiktaalik, as discussed on

    December 4, 2007