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  • adj. comparative form of fizzy: more fizzy


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  • In Woody Allen's beguiling and then bedazzling new comedy, nostalgia isn't at all what it used to be—it's smarter, sweeter, fizzier and ever so much funnier.

    We'll Always Have Allen's 'Paris'

  • Soda sales are also fizzier in warm weather, says John Sicher , editor of Beverage Digest, a trade publication.

    Carrots Vie for a Spot on Game Day

  • But for all its faults, it's a million times fizzier than Goblet of Fire and leaves me wide awake and raring for more magical high jinks – no mean feat at 3am.

    The great Harry Potter viewing marathon

  • But Ms. Lebenthal laughed too; she makes no apologies for her fizzier pursuits.

    Lady Lebenthal Lifts Her Pen

  • Just as the exotic historical epics of the 1920s gave way in the 30s to new genres rooted in contemporary life, such as high-gloss tuxedo musicals and streetwise gangster pictures, so did exotic, historically minded theaters — not only Egyptian but Moorish and Mediterranean and Oriental — give way to fizzier, cleaner, more modern architecture.

    Watch Like an Egyptian

  • Pour w/out ice and add a little soda if you want it to be even fizzier, But I happen to like it without.

    Turkey Pot Pie vs. The Gin Fizz

  • This is when they make you drink this orange pop that is a slightly fizzier and sweeter version of the "orange drink" at McDicks.

    Archive 2004-10-01

  • Fathers didn't wait for three centuries and land at a bright and lively place like this, since it would have made them so much jollier and fizzier.

    The Prairie Child

  • In general, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Pastels, Shop Assistants, Primitives, Pale Saints, 14 Iced Bears, Jesse Garon and the Desperadoes, the Flatmates, and all of the fizzier C86 bands were favorites of ours.

    Drowned In Sound // Feed

  • The new two-and-a-half hour Metropolis was performed with a live orchestral accompaniment, and the rediscovered segments were obvious for being fizzier and grainier than the rest, as if viewed through heavy rain.

    The Guardian World News


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  • I think there's less taste, actually, in the caffeine-free versions than in their counterparts. Diet doesn't bother me--I'm used to it--but the caffeine-free ones really taste more watery, and the fizz is different.

    April 10, 2008

  • They're trying to hide the even-more-battery-acidy taste. ;-)

    But yes, I do think they are, and I've heard that elsewhere too. Wonder whether it has to do with the decaffeination process or whether we're all just daft?

    April 10, 2008

  • Has anyone besides me noticed that Diet Caffeine-Free Coke and Caffeine-Free Coke seem much fizzier than either Diet Coke or Coke?

    April 10, 2008