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  • verb Present participle of flank.


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  • "All the officers on deck are required at their stations, and the commander has authorized what I call a flanking movement, which I purpose to send out under your orders."

    A Victorious Union

  • The Poles retreated to the Vistula, but Pilsudski succeeded in flanking the Soviets in August 1920 and forcing the Red Army to retreat in disarray.

    Pursuit of an 'Unparalleled Opportunity': The American YMCA and Prisoner of War Diplomacy among the Central Power Nations during World War I

  • But he argued that when the terms flanking the sign of identity were what he called rigid designators, an identity statement, if true at all, had to be necessarily true, but need not be knowable a priori, as an analytic truth would be.


  • That's not what Beowulf, excuse me, Weyland, would call a flanking action.

    The Legacy of Heorot

  • It was really as pretty an illustration of the military manoeuvre that used to be called flanking as the history of war contains.


  • While that particular game revolves around the idea of flanking your rivals stones at either end to flip them to your own colour,

    Pocket Gamer | | Latest additions

  • These so-called flanking measures were to accompany newly minted rules on carbon dioxide emissions contained within the trading scheme by the end of 2008.


  • Two hundred thousand rice mutants are now available and have been mapped by the insertion of what are known as flanking sequence tags - small pieces of DNA or molecular tags that integrate into the rice genome.


  • To the extent that there is a global war against extremists, terrorists, criminal gangs and communist dead-enders, legalizing drug traffic is a kind of flanking maneuver that cuts across key enemy supply lines.

    "I don’t want to attack [Ingrid Betancourt], but the truth is very savage."

  • Here was another incident in that continual "flanking" and "outflanking" manoeuvre which was only to cease at the sea.



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