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  • n. Alternative spelling of flèche.


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  • I would love to know exactly what your coach said to you in the three minute break - I asked him afterward why he didn't give me any tips but he just shrugged and laughed - perhaps I should have said you had an "intense" concentration - I assumed that your fleche was a desire to get rid of me, but Amanda says this isn't so - I would be curious on your side - It just seemed like such a strong and complicated move when you had, in the previous point already moved to stop from having free attacks, I couldn't go back on defence, so I assumed, you would double - since with only one point left, I really could only afford to go with a sure thing - long lunges.

    How to face top fencers without crying: Canadian Women's Epee Nationals 2006-07

  • Also a new steeple or "fleche" to replace the original that had been removed in the 1950's because of wind damage.

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  • If this condition of yours is beatable, I know you'll knock it into a bloody pulp, and if it's not, then I know you'll do your damnedest giving it a good fleche.

    Catgirls, comfort food, books and other good things

  • I hope you fleche at astounding speeds, and use such tricky as will work, and such hard work and training as will fill the rest and that you have 'magic touch' where you hand find the point by itself those magic minutes where you can't seem to BUT hit!

    My Remembrance Day: Sickness, belief, and dreams

  • En mettant le tapis de travers et bien quand je fais un pas a gauche mon pied se pose automatiquement a coté de la fleche du bas! c'etait tout con et ca a l'air de bien marcher!

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • En fait le capteur du pied gauche glisse et a la facheuse habitude de se deplacer a coté de la fleche du bas ...

    pinku-tk Diary Entry

  • I wait and then fleche her, which she must have been waiting for as she flicks my tip aside before flicking back to hit me on the chest.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • At 2-3 I actually said, “When are you going to fleche?”

    Battle of Seattle Saturday: chasing after boys

  • I knew I had to lunge to her body, I did about 25 seconds of dancing around, and attacked her arm a few times to get her jittered and then lunged, half fleche, half falling toward her body.

    Battle of Seattle Sunday I: Women's Epee; hitting the pools

  • I faced Ellary and we tested each other out, she attacked, I countered and suddenly there was an opening, and I lunged, she retreated, I kept going in with fleche as almost all female fencers are unable to stand up to a strong running attack.

    Battle of Seattle Sunday I: Women's Epee; hitting the pools


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  • in fencing, a flying attack, from the French for arrow.

    February 6, 2007