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  • adj. Resembling a flower, especially in shape


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

flower +‎ -like


  • The grand-opening shirts are packaged with care similar to that of Apple products—tightly rolled in a white box that unfolds into one flowerlike piece.

    Apple's Hottest New Product Can Be Thrown in the Wash

  • Way out on the water, practically at the horizon, the flowerlike pink machines that Charles had heard some people refer to as God were turning ocher in the dusk light.

    Here Comes Another Lesson

  • And even now, Isolde could see with aching clarity the tiny, waxen face and flowerlike hands of her stillborn baby girl.

    Dark Moon of Avalon

  • Olan was the first Chinese woman to be portrayed in fiction as she actually was rather than with the moth eyebrows, porcelain skin, and tiny flowerlike feet of the traditional heroine.


  • They passed a coral reef, where the growths were intricate and flowerlike, the blooms opening and closing in the slight current.

    Here There Are Monsters

  • That violeteyed little Artemis, so grave and slight, with her flowerlike head that droops like a blossom and her wonderful ivory hands …

    Oscar Wilde and the Dead Man’s Smile

  • Cordyceps, a fungus that invades insects and sprouts flowerlike stalks out of its body, is the source of cyclosporin, an important antibiotic.

    Parasite Rex

  • Europeans discovered the caves in 1797, and today the amazing stalactites, stalagmites, curtains of limestone cascading like waterfalls, and delicate, flowerlike white gypsum crystals still capture the imagination.

    Travel Guide: the Incredible Natural Landscapes in the U.S.A. (Part 2)

  • Dip the end of the cardboard roll into the paint and press onto paper to make a flowerlike print.

    The Toddler's Busy Book

  • My delicate flowerlike skin shows marks forever...

    Body Talk


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