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  • adj. Having one component that folds over the top of another.
  • n. Any food prepared by folding, such as a calzone or apple turnover.


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fold +‎ over


  • My mother preferred her signature creation, the bean "foldover": a single piece of bread folded around a scoop of beans, plain or refried.


  • The quilted leather and gunmetal hardware are well chosen, but the most exciting detail of this purse is the inventive "foldover" design.


  • Hold your own: Make like Jennifer Aniston and accessorize your ensemble with Poppie’s eye-popping foldover, yellow patent-leather clutch. $450 at Poppiecouture. com.

    Fashion: This spring, style hands you lemon

  • No. Everyone knows that using a bag as small as this cute, foldover style during daylight hours says that either (a) you have an assistant -- or boyfriend -- trailing close behind with real stuff or (b) you're on a walk of shame.

    Michelle Madhok: What Your Handbag Says About You (I'm "Pretty Clever and Kind of Lazy")

  • In 1977 the first 2D NMR spectrum of a protein was recorded, and by 1980 we had assembled four 2D NMR experiments that were then used for the initial protein structure determinations: COSY (2D correlated spectroscopy), SECSY (2D spin-echo correlated spectroscopy), FOCSY (2D foldover-corrected correlated spectroscopy) and NOESY (2D nuclear Overhauser enhancement spectroscopy).

    Kurt Wüthrich - Autobiography

  • Iron the bottom hem, selvage edges, and eighteen inches of the top hem the foldover portion.


  • Painted in fun and flirty seasonal shades of green, pink, violet and blue, this foldover makeup clutch comes packed with spring beauty products including the Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer SPF 20,


  • Feminine draping: Dresses, tops and even foldover pants feature this soft detail.

    Stories: Local News

  • NAVAJO HALTER/NAVAJO FOLDOVER PANT Product Description: Ethnic zig-zag striped halter with silver metallic rings and solid soft neck tie, Skimpy bottom with solid foldover waistband.

    Transworld Business» | Transworld Business

  • We are also seeing a rise in soft tabs and foldover styling as good fashion bodies that flatter multiple shapes.

    Transworld Business» | Transworld Business


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  • Yeah, that. :-) Maybe I'm weak from hunger. I think I need a peanut butter foldover.

    Doesn't "sandwich" IMPLY filling?

    February 9, 2007

  • ...usually around the filling. ;)

    February 9, 2007

  • a half-sandwich made by folding one slice of bread over itself

    February 9, 2007