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  • Jack: Attention all! Attention all! It is with great pleasure I would like to announce that the recipient of this year's prestigious GE followship award is none other than our very own Liz Lemon.
    Pete: Wait, how could Liz win a fellowship award? She doesn't like people.
    Jack: No followship, presented annually to the woman, sorry, person, who best exemplifies a follower.
    Liz: I'm not a follower!
    Jack: It also comes with 10 grand.
    Liz: I accept this proudly on behalf of followers everywhere.
    Jack: When I think of the free-spirited Liz Lemon I met just one year ago, so resistant to product integration, cross-promotion and adverlingus, it pleases me to see how well she's learned to follow.

    So what are you gonna do with your money? Put it into a 401(k)?
    Liz: Yeh, I gotta get one of those…
    Jack: What? Where do you invest your money Liz?
    Liz: I have like 12 grand in checking.
    Jack: Are you an immigrant?

    December 3, 2007