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  • n. a cereal in the Digitaria genus, cultivated in western Africa


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  • He got acquainted with a plant no Amishman before him had ever sown, a crabgrass called fonio, a staple cereal and source of beer-malt on

    Blind Man's Lantern

  • (Digitaria exilis), a West African cereal crop also known as "fonio," and ensete

    Chapter 4

  • Fonio Fonio and black fonio are African grasses distantly related to maize and sorghum.

    On Food and Cooking, The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

  • FIGURE: For a crop that is so little known to science, fonio is surprisingly widely grown.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • This last figure means that fonio protein contains almost twice as much methionine as egg protein contains.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • In certain areas, fonio may sometimes be planted together with sorghum or pearl millet.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • Some groups dislike black fonio because, compared with the white form, it is more difficult to dehusk with the traditional pestle.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • Each year West African farmers devote approximately 300,000 hectares to cultivating fonio, and the crop supplies food to 3 -4 million people.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • In a sample of black fonio, a protein content of 11.8 percent was recorded.

    3. Fonio (Acha)

  • Altitude Although fonio is grown at sea level in, for instance,

    3. Fonio (Acha)


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  • Matter of time before it gets the overhyped superfood treatment.

    August 15, 2014