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  • n. Plural form of forepaw.


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  • Finally, above the forepaws was a yard-long lipless gash of a mouth, half-hidden by hair, curved very slightly upward at the corners.

    Neutron Star

  • So strong was the play-instinct in him, as well as was his constitution strong, that he continually outplayed Scraps to abject weariness, so that he could only lie on the deck and pant and laugh through air-draughty lips and dab futilely in the air with weak forepaws at Michael's continued ferocious-acted onslaughts.


  • A deer mouse stands with forepaws clasped, a soulful-looking grizzly peers across a stream, and a gray jay picks at a half-eaten salmon lying in the snow, one perhaps caught by the same grizzly we see elsewhere loping after spawning chum, its fur shagged with ice.

    Photo-Op: Yukon Ho

  • His throat and lungs filled with the pungent stifling smoke of powder, his nostrils with earth and dust, he frantically wheezed and sneezed, leaping about, falling drunkenly, leaping into the air again, staggering on his hind-legs, dabbing with his forepaws at his nose head-downward between his forelegs, and even rubbing his nose into the ground.


  • Next, something brushed past him, and he encountered it with a snarl and a splashing of his forepaws.


  • We passed one of the elaborate clan houses, this one festooned with magnificent raccoon carvings; one was seated atop the ridgepole over the doorway, his forepaws dangling.

    Fire The Sky

  • The beavers seemed quite at home, collecting snow between their forepaws and their chin and half push, half carry it along.

    Weatherwatch: Visit to a frozen London zoo in 1874

  • When I am cooking she is next to me with the forepaws on the counter supervising my cooking.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • When it saw them, it would put up its forepaws on the knee, and when taken up would sleep in the lap.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • A bear shooting out the sky, forepaws in the shape of pistols.

    A Girl / An Elderly Woman / A Bear


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