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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One of the stones of which the foundation of a building is composed; specifically, a corner-stone.


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  • And the foundation-stone of service, in his case, was obedience.


  • The stranger who will nonetheless stop and help a wounded man even as that man's pious brethren pass him by, simply because we consider empathy to all a foundation-stone of ethics.

    On Sophistry and Subjectivity

  • However the most controversial aspect from an Irish point of view is the likelihood that the treaty will be used to advance the concept of a 'European army', which would violate the principle of neutrality which has been a foundation-stone of the State.

    Archive 2008-04-13

  • Their castles he was acquainted with from turret to foundation-stone; and as for the miscellaneous antiquities scattered about the country, he knew every one of them, from a cromlech to a cairn, and could give as good an account of each as if he had lived in the time of the Danes or Druids.

    The Monastery

  • Let not the same prophetic hymn be sung when we commence a new Theatre, which was performed on the occasion of laying the foundation-stone of a certain edifice, “Behold the endless work begun.”

    Chronicles of the Canongate

  • It is the foundation-stone of all Socialist criticism that the existence of private property in the means of production involves private property in the destinies of society and in the lives of its members ; and it follows that the proletarian not only cannot enforce his right to a share in controlling the society in which he lives he cannot even enforce his right to live in it!

    Servility or Freedom?

  • Saviour takes the occasion of saying, "upon this stone I will build my Church": by which it is manifest that by the foundation-stone of the Church was meant the fundamental article of the Church's faith.


  • If Guest implicitly shades in the Homeric instance as the ancient or archaic foundation-stone in this structure of music-and-dilemma

    Sociopolitical (i.e., _Romantic_) Difficulty in Modern Poetry and Aesthetics

  • To do good unto others- to do unto others as ye would they should do unto you- is the foundation-stone of morality.

    Darwin on the argument from Ignorance again - The Panda's Thumb

  • Ages elapsed from the time the first rough stone was laid as a foundation till the last spire and pinnacle were shaped, and the hand which laid the foundation-stone was never the same as that which set the last stone upon the coping.

    Woman and Labour


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