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  • See fry.
  • n. See fry.


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  • "Propelled by her husband's post-White House earnings, Sen. Hillary Clinton's average net worth soared from red ink to $30.7 million between 2000 and 2006, the fastest financial climb among members of Congress who arrived without assets, a watchdog group reported Tuesday." please change "frie" to "friend" in title

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  • And all the courtiers and officers of Zixi bowed low, first before the King of Noland and then before his sweet little sister, and promised them the frie ndship of the entire kingdom of Ix. Quavo the wandering minstrel chanced to be present that evening, and he sang a complimentary song about King Bud, and a wonderful song about the "Flying Lady," meaning Aunt Rivette, and a beautiful song about the lovely Princess Fluff.

    Queen Zixi of Ix

  • You must take out the Intrailes as you doe of other fish, and cut them a-crosse the sides, as you do to broyle, washed clean, dried with a cloth, lay them upon a Tray or board, sprinkle a little salt on them, and flowre them as to frie them, so take your Frying-pan with so much

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  • Primeramente se pone a herbir el pollo hasta que este bien cosido y despues so frie una poca de cobolla en manteca junto con el arroz y se le hecha pimienta entera y se le anade el caldo, colado, en que se cosio el pollo.

    Favorite Dishes : a Columbian Autograph Souvenir Cookery Book

  • 'He ate and drank and crakked als merrelie and frie-myndit as at anie tyme and mair,' drinking to his gaoler and fellow-prisoners, and bidding his brethren make ready to follow.

    Andrew Melville Famous Scots Series

  • The end of the Assemblies of auld was, whow Chryst's Kingdome might stand in halines and friedome: now, it is whow Kirk and Relligioun may be framed to the polytic esteat of a frie Monarchie, and to advance and promot the grandour of man, and supream absolut authoritie in all causes, and over all persones, alsweill Ecclesiasticall as Civill. '

    Andrew Melville Famous Scots Series


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