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  • adjective Furnished with a fringe.
  • adjective (Bot.) a leaf edged with soft parallel hairs.

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  • adjective Possessing a fringe.
  • verb Simple past tense and past participle of to fringe.

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  • adjective surrounded as with a border or fringe; sometimes used in combination
  • adjective having a decorative edging of hanging cords or strips
  • adjective having edges irregularly and finely slashed


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  • These cookies are often served at baptisms, first communions and other fiestas wrapped in fringed tissue paper.

    Peanut cookies: Polvorones de cacahuate

  • Lying away down there in the southern corner of the Pacific Ocean, fringed from the middle of their western boundary, all round their northern and northeastern boundary, not by Anglo-Saxons, but by the dark races which in dense numbers peer out from their swarming abodes upon them, little wonder that Australia is influenced by a feeling which we, in Canada, under different conditions, can hardly understand-a feeling of disquiet and impending menace.

    Glimpses of the East

  • There were trousers of buckskin fringed down each side, a shirt of buckskin, beaded and beautified by shell ornaments, a necklace of the bones of a rare fish, strung together like little beads on deer sinew, earrings of pink and green pearl

    The Shagganappi

  • The high canopy over the bed was draped with prim folds of damask, and the coverlet was of some quaint crocheted work that hung in fringed ends to the floor.

    The Miller of Old Church

  • A napkin fringed at either end is usually thrown over the Figaro’s shoulder and used to wipe the razor.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • The women wear moccasins, legings, a long shirt made of goats 'skins, generally white and fringed, which is tied round the waist; to those they add, like the men, a buffaloe robe without the hair, in summer.

    History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, Vol. I. To the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Across the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean. Performed During the Years 1804-5-6.

  • Within the Gentianaceae, taxa within the genus Gentianopsis are collectively known as the fringed gentians.

    Museum Blogs

  • In addition to the rat - garment used by the men, the women wear a kind of fringed petticoat suspended from the waist down to the knees, made of the inner rind of the cedar bark, and twisted into threads, which hang loose like a weaver's thrums, and keep flapping and twisting about with every motion of the body, giving them a waddle or duck gait.

    Adventures of the first settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River

  • The crowd made way for the shepherd and his following, and as they drew near to the raised platform the two white cats, who were Edred and Elfrida, looked up and saw in the middle and biggest chair a splendid, dark-faced man in a kind of fringed turban with two long feathers in it, and in the two chairs to right and left of him, clothed in beautiful embroidered stuffs, with shining collars of jewels about their necks, Father and Uncle Jim!

    The House of Arden

  • And off they're sent to a big, grassy knoll fringed by woodland, to hunt for a stuffed rabbit.

    A Whole Other Ball Game


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