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  • n. An L-shaped piece of steel hinged at the rear used in flintlock firearms, positioned over the flash pan so to enclose a small priming charge of black powder next to the flash hole that is drilled through the barrel, such that when fired the flint scraps it so as to create a spark.


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From earlier frizzle (n), of unknown origin. Compare fleerish, furison


  • I am also familiar with the wheellock, Snaphaunce (early flint design with a seperate frizzen) and the matchlock.

    Knight Rifles Goes Under

  • I remember very little from school, but I certainly remember that ding-dang frizzen-fruppen slimy shadow!

    The Sudden Curve:

  • "Let's see where we are, " Sharpe said, and he pulled the trigger, the frizzen flew open as the flint struck it to drive the sparks downwards, there was a flare as the powder in the pan caught fire and Harper had the cartridge paper in just the right place, for a spark went into the tube and it fizzed up, suddenly bright, and Sharpe snatched up the newspaper spill and lit one end.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • He used his thumb to push the strike plate forward and the frizzen leaped away on its spring.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • He confirmed the powder was there, gritty under his dirty thumb and, staring all the while at Slingsby, he pulled the frizzen back into place and then cocked the gun fully.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • "Got it, sir, " Harper said, then held the spill close by the shut frizzen.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • He took the pistol, lifted the frizzen and blew out the priming powder so the weapon would not fire.

    Sharpe's Escape

  • He smoothed the priming with a blackened index finger, lowered the frizzen and grinned again at Vicente.

    Sharpe's Havoc

  • His rifle was loaded, so he dared not strike a spark with its lock, not till he had blocked the touch-hole and so, stooping near the hole in the wall so he could see properly, he opened the frizzen and dabbed the bat dung into the rifle's touch-hole.

    Sharpe's Skirmish

  • The tenth needed a little more filing of the frizzen spring—not a major task, as it lay on the outside of the lock mechanism.

    Morgan’s Run


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  • "He raked the frizzen open against the bartop and dumped the priming out and laid the pistol down again."

    --Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

    April 18, 2009