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  • n. A frog that skips the tadpole stage and emerges as a fully developed frog.


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frog +‎ -let


  • This is partly because it's the one order whose developmental stages resemble mutation—egg, to tadpole, to froglet, to long jumping-bug eating-celebration of all that is green.


  • Diary of a Mad Natural Historian » bassleri froglet pictures

    bassleri froglet pictures

  • Two amphibians are endemic to this ecoregion, the Tasmanian treefrog (Litoria burrowsi) and the Tasmanian froglet (Crinia tasmaniensis).

    Tasmanian temperate forests

  • In this ecoregion, a number of restricted range and endemic frogs occur, including squelching froglet (Crinia subinsignifera) and yellow wart burrowing frog (Heleioporus barycragus).

    Southwest Australia woodlands

  • Common eastern froglet (Crinia signifera), Australia.

    Naracoorte woodlands

  • Populations of acid frogs such as Wallum froglet Crinia tinnula, Cooloola sedgefrog Litoria cooloolensis, Wallum rocketfrog L. freycineti and Wallum sedgefrog L. olongburensis occur, as do breeding colonies of loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta (EN) and green turtle Chelonia mydas (EN).

    Fraser Island, Australia

  • In the fall, the friend asked if I had a froglet to spare – he was doing a trade and wanted to include a frog from my pair to get an additional bloodline in the hands of a third breeder.


  • I found a just-out-of-the-water froglet in my D. pumilio Green 2006 vivarium.


  • I went to pull the biggest froglet and found a corpse – a few days later I lost what I thought was the female of the pair.


  • Mostly with the froglet, with filmmaking and other things thrown into the mix.

    Archive 2005-07-01


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  • Colloquially applied to just adolescent frogspawn who have transcended the tadpole phase and resemble more accurately the true frog shape, but tinier.

    The true literal term, however, encompasses frogs at the tadpole phase as well.

    Also can be used to describe a dollop of sour cream only when it is being applied to a delicious chicken fajita:

    Correct - "Please apply a froglet of sour cream to my delicious chicken fajita."

    Reaction - You will be regarded highly by friends and peers

    October 23, 2008