from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. With full speed.


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  • Baird verified that the _Niccola's_ course was exact for interception at her full-drive speed.

    The Aliens

  • 'My poor private judgment! you work it hard! when it has generally only run me full-drive into some egregious blunder!'

    Dynevor Terrace: or, the clue of life — Volume 1

  • The dinner, if ordered in time, is cooked properly, and served punctually, and at the end of the day more that is permanent seems to have come of it than on the full-drive system.

    At Home And Abroad Or, Things And Thoughts In America and Europe

  • Imagine not having to wait hours on end for your full-drive data backup to complete, or not having a lengthy delay when off-loading 32GB flash memory cards from your digital camera. News

  • The Vostro line also offers optional full-drive encryption thanks to Seagate's recently introduced self-encrypting hard drives.


  • Windows Vista Business and Enterprise editions, BitLocker is a full-drive encryption solution that protects data stored on easily lost and stolen notebook computer hard drives.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home

  • The full-drive encryption feature that first debuted in Windows Vista has been updated in Windows 7 to support removable USB storage devices like flash memory drives and portable hard drives.

    Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows


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  • The word "full-drive" is, in the examples, used more often as an adjective than an adverb: "full-drive speed," "full-drive system," "full-drive encryption feature," "full-drive data backup." Perhaps the part of speech for "full-drive" should be amended to add this common, perhaps more common, usage.

    August 20, 2012