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  • n. A type of concentrated food stock that is added to sauces to enhance their flavour. Variations are fish fumet and mushroom fumet.
  • n. Alternative form of fumette (stench or high flavour of meat)
  • n. The dung of deer.

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  • n. The dung of deer.
  • n. The stench or high flavor of game or other meat when kept long.
  • n. A high-flavored substance, such as extract of game, for flavoring dishes of food; less properly, a ragout of partridge and rabbit braised in wine.

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  • n. The dung of the deer, hare, etc.


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From the French fumet ("aroma"), from Latin fumus ("smoke").

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Compare French fumier dung, Old French femier, from Latin fimum ("dung"). See fewmet.


  • Concentrated fish stock is called fumet and can be made into a sauce.


  • So here you can order a single dish, maybe a delicious riff on paella comprised of lobster, langoustines, squid, baby clams and cockles in a saffron-spiked shellfish fumet, and still get a suite of hors d'oeuvres to start, a cheese course and dessert.

    10 of the best restaurants in Paris

  • Ms. Darling emerges from the institute with her love of cooking intact, which is not always the case for students who have to learn such skills as using a melon scoop to dig the eyes out of oversize fish heads while preparing fish fumet stock.

    Under the Table: Saucy Tales From Culinary School

  • This was a roasted leveret, very strong of the fumet, which happened to be placed directly under his nose.

    The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom

  • I had neither the feathers nor fumet of a taudry townmiss: a straw hat, a white gown, clean linen, and above all, a certain natural and easy air of modesty (which the appearances of never forsook me, even on those occasions that I most broke in upon it, in practice) were all signs that gave him no opening to conjecture my condition.

    Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

  • If the flesh of the fish you have chosen is very firm, place the pieces on top of the vegetables and seasoning mix, sprinkle with the remaining cup olive oil, add the fumet with enough water, if necessary, to make about 3 cups, and bring to a rapid boil, which should be sustained for 15 minutes see Note below.

    The Summer of My Greek Tavérna

  • About 3 cups fumet add water to fumet, if necessary, to make about 3 cups

    The Summer of My Greek Tavérna

  • The bouillabaisse can be served with fresh bread spread with garlic butter or, if you wish to commit a certain form of heresy which I often do against a true Marseillaise bouillabaisse, you can put into the soup, along with the tomatoes, seasonings, and fumet, several potatoes, peeled and cut into eighths, boiling them for 10 minutes before adding the fish and olive oil and raising the heat.

    The Summer of My Greek Tavérna

  • First, the making of a fumet or fish stock, and then the actual bouillabaisse.

    The Summer of My Greek Tavérna

  • It is the ultimate readerly text; between its lines one glimpses unfamiliar worlds; compelled by its imperatives, the mind occupies itself in homely tasks, in imagination restocking the cupboards with raspberry vinegar, filling the freezer with brown sauce, veal stock, fish fumet.

    The Flight of the Bumble Bee


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  • Interesting how the word's meaning travelled from something like "the dung of wild game" and the strong scent of overly-cured wild game to its current somewhat haute cuisine meaning. From dung to the cook pots of the best restaurants is quite a distance.


    February 13, 2011

  • Blueberry fumet is a Chinese fruit wine.

    August 17, 2010