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  • v. Present participle of funk.


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  • “I’m not … what you call funking it, no! Only I’d rather arrange the business differently.

    Stan the Killer

  • After this experience we were strangely unanimous as to the desirability of going through in some less risky manner (we accused each other of "funking" afterwards), and accordingly sought the aid of a man, a boy, and a wheelbarrow, and in this unconventional manner conveyed our goods and chattels overland to the other end of the tunnel.

    Through Canal-Land in a Canadian Canoe

  • A bunch of abomination, called a cigar, reeked in the left-hand corner of the mouth of one, and in the right-hand corner of the mouth of the other -- an arrangement happily adapted for the escape of the noxious fumes up the chimney, without that unmerciful "funking" each other, which a less scientific disposition of the weed would have induced.

    Humorous Ghost Stories

  • Barney Green turned on him, and savagely asked if he was "funking" again.

    Tom Gerrard

  • When he did speak, Adam at first thought that his friend was wavering in his intention, or "funking" the responsibility.

    Lair of the White Worm

  • He liked the sound of the jellies and the tipsy-cake, and just at present he knew of no special reason for "funking" the doctor.

    The Willoughby Captains

  • A few were tricky to get down tight live, especially "Boogie Down," a rippling discoboogie anthem with dual Minimoog and Rhodes parts that had me reaching across the rig to grab right hand chords while synth-funking for booty dunking with my left hand, all while singing lead vocals and dancing my ass off.

    Robbie Gennet: Before you can Taste the Love, you first have to Make the Love

  • Most of you know that I front a swanky little band called Rudy, a booty-rocking, porno-funking combo that rides by the slogan "Penetrate your mind, boogie your behind" and means it.

    Robbie Gennet: Before you can Taste the Love, you first have to Make the Love

  • Shocking bad form in a commander, says I, who was trying to hide under a gun limber at the time - not that I think for a moment that he was funking it; he hadn't the brains to be frightened, our Lord Haw-Haw.


  • I had my own jaundiced view of that, born of fifty years 'marriage to my dear one who, I had reason to believe, had not been averse to male attentions in those years when I'd been abroad funking the Queen's enemies.



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