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  • adjective Eye dialect spelling of foreign.


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  • Mr. Hawley, he laffed kind of puny and feeble like there was somethin 'furrin weighin' onto his stomach.

    Christopher Morley writes about Don Marquis

  • Tip-topper – Sir Edward Talbot, that's 'im –' e's in furrin parts for 'is

    Harding's Luck

  • And he was standing up pointing at Pa with a hand the size of a shovel, and all the rest of the bunch around us was getting restless and cacklin 'furrin' talk.

    William Adolphus Turnpike

  • Th 'natives down that coast is poor as Job's turkey, an' they has t 'sell their fur soon's th' furrin 'season's over.

    Ungava Bob A Winter's Tale

  • How I hope they won't send us away first to "furrin" parts!

    Leaves from Juliana Horatia Ewing's "Canada Home"

  • These, however, were evidently not the most prized portion of Mr. Polymathers's library, though he displayed them with some complacency, reading out here and there a sonorous "furrin" phrase, at which his audience said, "More power," and "Your sowl to glory," and the like.

    Strangers at Lisconnel

  • It wur i 'furrin' lands, owd wench, i 'a desert island i' th 'midst o' th 'sea.

    That Lass o' Lowrie's: A Lancashire Story

  • They had never liked "the furriner," as they called Col. Anglesea, and they felt secretly delighted that he was not to marry their young mistress, to take her away to "furrin" parts.

    Her Mother's Secret

  • C-Word was gonna show us her Clydesdales, has now made it legal for anyone to be pulled aside for "lookin 'furrin'"

    Mock, Paper, Scissors

  • We US citizens got to whiz thru our choice of a zillion open customs lanes, while the furrin masses had to line up in huge lines at two open lanes, while a large authoritarian and mean woman in a uniform yelled at them in english.

    Mungowitz in Deutschland--Day 2


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