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  • n. See pullen.


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  • Course, this lot don 'get a lot o' work, it's mainly jus 'pullin' the school carriages unless Dumbledore's takin 'a long journey an' don 'want ter Apparate - an' here's another couple, look - '

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  • I was pullin 'at it, an' pullin ', when my foot slipped, an' the whole concern came down on top o 'me, crumblin' into dust.

    Kiddie the Scout

  • He was kind o 'pullin' back and lookin 'round in a skeered way, and Brother Gyardner he hollered out,' Come right along, brother!

    Aunt Jane of Kentucky

  • If a man had a girl like that to go home to -- an 'she loved him -- an' he knew she was thinkin 'about him -- an' pullin 'for him to -- to make good!

    Prairie Flowers

  • If by next spring I ain't got a half a dozen teams workin 'on the roads an' pullin 'down the county money, it's me back to Oakland an' askin 'the Boss for a job.

    Chapter 21

  • "And yet the ''s suthin' about ye," -- the man uncrossed his legs, -- "suthin 'that keeps kind o' pullin 'on me."

    Uncle William: the man who was shif'less

  • How often have I seen him lyin 'on top iv me week's washin' pullin 'away at th' savry rooster brand an 'dhreamin' he was th 'Impror iv Chiny, while I've had to contint mesilf with a stogy that give me a headache!

    Mr. Dooley Says

  • When I got to the station there was a train jus 'pullin' out f'r I didn't know where, 'n' I hopped aboard like I was shot.

    Susan Clegg and Her Friend Mrs. Lathrop

  • ` When my father heerd that, he seen there was no use in purtendin ', so he tuk hould iv the leg, an' he kep 'pullin' an 'pullin', till the sweat, God bless us, beginned to pour down his face.

    The Purcell Papers, Volume I

  • Den I'll sew it up in my b'ar-skin cap, to keep it till de time comes, ef de time mus 'come, so I kin say to de fus' white man who comes 'long a-claimin 'me,' I yi, my larky, 'pullin' out my free-papers.



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