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  • n. dialectal variant of foreigner


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  • Gee, Chuck, Just because some chuckleheaded Bozo in a grossly incompetent administration tells a gullible public a furriner is an "enemy combatant" doesn't mean it's true.

    A Hit From The Supremes

  • There was no credit for Mavis -- her courage was a matter of course; but with the stranger-girl, a "furriner" -- that was different.

    The Heart of the Hills

  • To be sure, the fastnesses of the border Cumberlands were new to him; but his vanity was hurt by the realization that he had tramped for nearly an hour through serried ranks of ancient trees and crowding thickets of laurel and rhododendron -- which seemed to take a personal delight in impeding the progress of a "furriner" -- and over craggy rocks, only to find, at the end of that time, that he was entering one end of a short ravine from the other end of which he had started with the vague purpose of seeking the path by which he had climbed from the valley village.

    'Smiles' A Rose of the Cumberlands

  • Indeed, the debate puts the GOP candidates into a no-win situation: take the heat from Hispanics for missing the debate or anger their mouth-breathing, bedwetting base by agreeing to debate in a "furriner" language.

    GOP candidates afraid of Brown People

  • Well, being the "furriner" that I am I can only guess...

    Blog Anniversary.

  • I'm a "furriner", but I'd love to live there with you & GourdonGirl!

    Happy New Year.

  • He's also a foreigner, much as I hate to use that word I always hear "furriner" in my head, it sounds so redneck to me.


  • Cone a "furriner" aroused at best but a superficial interest and, since

    The Man Thou Gavest

  • Any "furriner" from down below might wander here, whipping the stream; or any one of the neighborhood might chance on the spot.

    Heart of the Blue Ridge

  • Big Jerry sat bolt upright with his eyes screwed up ludicrously, and, although Judd bent his head the merest fraction, it was with obvious embarrassment, and his flashing optics kept sending suspicious glances at the "furriner" as though to discover if he were laughing at them all.

    'Smiles' A Rose of the Cumberlands


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